Procom BCU 130 Balanced RF Combiner

Balanced RF Combiner Procom BCU-130

This is an overview of the Procom BCU-130 balanced RF combiner unit


Normally when you have a combining system, it is all specifically tuned and aligned to compensate for all the other units attached

When you use a Balanced rf combiner unit, it allows for the adding of another channel (base unit, if DMR can have 2 channels) without having to have the whole combiner system re-tuned

This is ideal for such situations when you cannot have a system down and non-operational for any real length of time

such as Emergency services, airport ATC, critical systems of any sort, or just a system used by many people 24 hours a day

This unit currently is advertised as BCU-130 covering only Air-band from 112-137Mhz, although in principle Procom could make this for any band that they currently have Barrel cavity filters for

So next time you have a customer who has a near zero downtime job looming, this may be an option to think about



Summery of uses for the Procom Balanced RF combiner

  • Air traffic control
  • Blue light services
  • Critical communications systems
  • Busy Systems with no down-time allowed

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